The Featured Articles Listing: A Next Generation Ad Format

Throughout the last 4 years, we’ve learned a lot about what makes an ad format easy to use and easy to sell.

Today releasing The Featured Articles Listing. This unit support four classic IAB formats: 970×250, 300×600, 728×90, 300×250 in addition to the brand new 4:1.

Built specifically for organizations with a story to tell and content to distribute, this format is great for those with large marketing budgets but typically left underserved by classic display advertising. Think: healthcare, education, non-profits, hiring/human resource departments of large companies, etc. This format:

  • Supports the cutting-edge IAB “flexible” sizes which take up as much space as it can and scales proportionally
  • Works seamlessly on any device, including mobile
  • Is plug and play — so that means no designer is required, simply upload an image and add text
  • Has a large and prominent option, size and impact are enticing to advertisers
  • Is generally ready to run on your site today — you shouldn’t have to make any changes to your site to begin using is

This format will allow you to supply a logo, YouTube video, titles and links to four articles, and social media links.

Head on over to our ad formats page to embed The Event Promotion into your media kit.

Here are some previews:


The 4:1 is one of the IAB’s newest ad sizes. It can span the full width of the page or as much room as the page allows it. Even though it’s a rich media ad, it scales like an image. It’s great for the sea of devices that readers are on.


The 970×250 is a size we’re seeing more frequently in place of 728x90s as leaderboards. Broadstreet’s version of the 970×250 converts nicely to a 300×250 on mobile devices (give it a try).


Invented at Broadstreet, this is a prominent size to feature in-post, or in-stream. Think mid-story or at the end of the story.


The 300×600 is a great way of getting some extra prominence in the sidebar, as opposed to the 300×250.


The classic 300×250. Still a staple of digital advertising, we couldn’t possibly launch a new format without supporting this size.


There was a time when screen resolutions were low enough that 728×90 actually looked big! We support these for sites that still have 728x90s.




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