Rich Media Event Scroll & 3 New Ad Formats!

We just got back from LION 2017 and this is what we announced at the conference! We released four new rich media ad formats!

We are constantly expanding our ad format gallery to meet the needs of our publishers and their advertisers. Our goal is to help our clients impress their clients and these new formats accomplish that!

Event Listing Scroll

This ad type pulls in upcoming events from an advertiser’s Facebook account. Readers will be able to scroll through events and access tickets from your site. Local venues will love this format! 

Glossy Gallery

Beautiful pictures pique reader interest! This prominent and elegant photo gallery can be customized to any size and it is designed for both in-story and between page modules.  This format can be utilized to capture the aesthetic appeal of gorgeous landscapes, home decor, real estate, bridal venues and more! As many photos as needed can be uploaded to the gallery.

Pretty Coupon

This coupon is comprised of a picture combined with a text overlay. This ad is versatile and can be utilized in a variety of ways. It was inspired by one of our clients that decided to employ it in very creative way. 


Premium Social Media Integrated Ads

Our social media integrated ads have historically produced click-through rates that are ____ % higher than the industry standard. The premium formats are sleeker and offer a more luxurious feel.

We hope you enjoy these new rich media ad formats and also that you have great success with selling them! 



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