The Hyperlocal Business Model: Authenticity

Technology platforms come and go, but local news publishers who have stakes in their own communities are here for the long haul. That staying power is baked in to the hyperlocal business model, and it is a foundational advantage for publishers looking to sell advertising to local businesses. That’s not to say that technology platforms […]

Get Advertisers with Section Sponsorships

Succeeding as a hyperlocal publisher is all about identifying strengths and minimizing weaknesses. Perhaps nowhere is the small publisher’s ability to capitalize on a strength more apparent than in the rise of section sponsorships. Section sponsorships give advertisers incredible prominence, quickly becoming a form of exclusive premium advertising that cannot be bought elsewhere on the […]

Flat Pricing or CPM? How to Price Local Advertising

Smart, flexible, understandable pricing. That’s the key to sustained business growth for most magazines and hyperlocal publishers. But what constitutes smart, flexible, understandable pricing varies depending on who you talk to. That’s why setting a strategy to price local advertising is more of an art than a science. Years of dealing with the large ad […]

How Hyperlocal and Magazine Publishers Monetize Newsletters

Email newsletters are a powerful tool for hyperlocal and magazine publishers. Not only do they serve as a way to drive website traffic and promote trending stories, but they’ve also become another venue for revenue. By monetizing newsletters, publishers are able to create a new stream of sustainable revenue and offer a product to advertisers […]

How to Sell Ads: Sell Value and Differentiate

When it comes to online ad sales, creativity wins the day. Flexibility, creativity, and autonomy are three of a local ad salesperson’s greatest assets. By offering different advertising formats, local publishers signal to clients that they’re both flexible and serious about helping to achieve their campaign goals. Never has this been more apparent than in […]