A Small Piece of Advertising History Was Made Today

It’s a bright flash of Broadstreet’s ultimate vision. An early result of nearly 2 years of hard work and relentless evangelization. Today, a digital ad for Montclair Academy of Dance & Laboratory of Music landed on the front Page of Verona Public Schools. It was sold by the very talented ad sales person at Baristanet and then booked […]

[Video] How to Set Up A News Website

Setup news website. Last week at an event for Citizens Campaign at Monmouth University, Debbie Galant and I gave a talk on the basics of setting up an online news website for those who were just getting started. The audience’s experience varied quite a bit. Some folks were already covering news in their area while others might […]

Why OpenX Is Slow

After explaining this so many times to on-boarding Broadstreet users, we thought it’d be a good idea to put it down in writing once and for all. This is why the wheels fall off the average open-source instance of OpenX as a site grows its page traffic. This is a technical post, but we’ll keep it high-level […]

Hurricane Sandy: 1 Year of Local Coverage

  This month marks the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. Broadstreet is based in New Jersey, so this is a particularly strong memory for us. Last year, the day before the storm, just as the winds started to pick up, we rolled out free editable ads across our East Coast publishers with an “Emergency Alert” heading. […]

Apply For Micro-Grants From NJ News Commons

If you run an indy hyperlocal in NJ, we’ve got to say that you’re in a great place to be. Not only do you have a community of publishers in neighboring area, but you’ve also got the NJ News Commons helping to incubate the industry. We wrote last month about how the News Commons were accepting applications […]