Broadstreet XPRESS: Use the Most Powerful Tools for Local, Digital Sales   The Most Powerful Tools for Local Digital Sales Today we’ve announced the launch of Broadstreet XPRESS, our next generation adserving tier and platform. The details are below, but here’s the gist: We offer our entire ad format library, ad blocker invisibility, whitelabeled reporting, analytics, and many more features at no additional cost. You don’t have […]

Facebook Instant Articles: Serious Concerns for News Publishers

  Facebook instant articles: Serious Concerns for News Publishers. There’s an awful lot of buzz surrounding Facebook’s Instant Articles program, which has just launched. Many publishers are cautious, and for good reason. Although we typically think of Facebook as a social platform, it’s really a news platform. It’s an all-encompassing feed of social, local, and world news. […]

Broadstreet Ads vs Google Ad Manager: Who Wins?

Broadstreet vs. Google Ad Manager (Formerly DFP) We’re not going to tell you that Broadstreet is better than Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP) in all circumstances. And Google certainly couldn’t say that Ad Manager (DFP) is better than Broadstreet in all cases either. We have a specific target custom in mind: publishers who sell their […]

The Best Ad Formats for Mobile

Best Mobile Ad Formats If you’re like most online publishers, you may have noticed that up to half of your site traffic is coming from mobile devices. And since most publishers stick the majority of their advertisements in the sidebar, the mobile surge can have a negative impact on the viewability of your clients’ advertisements. […]

Introducing The Feature That Keeps on Featuring

Here’s something brand new out of the Broadstreet garage. Do we have your attention? Hover over the ad below: We’ve recently developed a system at Broadstreet that will help us design specially formatted, customizable ad templates very rapidly. We actually don’t know what we’re calling it yet. Maybe the Broadstreet Brewery. Our system takes advantage of […]

The Scoop on Selfie, Our New Self-Serve Advertising Widget

A little known fact about Broadstreet’s history is that in mid-2013, AOL’s Patch approached us to build a new self-serve advertising tool for their “unmanned” sites − those with no sales people. We didn’t build it. They built it internally prior to the Hale acquisition. It got us thinking though: Self-serve advertising hasn’t historically worked […]

Ex-Patch to Indie from Scratch: A Guide

Today we’ve received word that a number of Patch editors have been let go. This includes product folks, regional editors, and local editors. We feel for you, and we’re on your side. We know many of the folks at Patch well. In fact, John Crepezzi, our CTO, was previously the lead engineer on the famed […]